We're the missing link to your business. We offer a turnkey, full-house solutions to your verticals.

Runyin bears all the buying risks instead of you, helping you get the best-matched manufacturers and handling the supplier relationship management on your behalf.

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Find Premier Contract Manufacturing in China

Importing products from China can be complicated, confusing, costly, and involved. China Sourcing International makes it easy. We provide a one-stop solution for companies looking for all-in-one providers that can take their products from conception to final shipment.

A Streamlined Supply Line
Worry-Free Solution
The Power Behind Your Business Growth

The logistics aspect of importing and exporting is one of the most important yet least understood elements of the product manufacturing process. Runyin helps business of all sizes, both small and large, source the best products from Asia.

Terms & Cost Negotiating

Every business engagement involves terms and cost negotiations. Even the most ironclad deals go back & forth at least a few times to find solutions. Our extensive experience in the industry gives us an unique understanding of supplier’s positions in the market. We leverage our know-how to help our clients obtain the most desirable outcome.

Consolidating and Warehousing

Companies in need of consolidation and warehouse services can turn to us. Our teams have experience, networks, and connections needed to handling consolidating and warehousing requirements for companies of all sizes.

CAD and 3D Modeling

3D Modeling and CAD Drawings help manufacturers in China bring concepts to life. Runyin offers services for CAD Drawings and 3D Modeling.

Sourcing and manufacturing

Strategic sourcing and manufacturing in China requires the expertise and experience of a company like Runyin. Learn why a good China sourcing company means going beyond cost reduction.

Product Engineering

Runyin can help transform business owners’ visions into a reality. We work with small, small-to-mid-sized, and large businesses for product engineering and consulting across a multitude of industries. Learn more about our product engineering recommendations and how they can be suited to meet your needs.

Runyin is the only vendor you need to support your business growth

Supplier relationship management is the most important part of the supply chain and only working with the right supplier will help you to get the right product, at the right price, and on-time delivery. With Runyin, we’ve worked through the vetted list so you will not have to face these type of problems.

Our Value Add Services

There are more than a million suppliers on Alibaba but there are millions of factories you totally cannot find online in China which have cheaper prices. Also, there are some cities specialized in certain product categories for e.g. Shenzhen for electronics, Shantou for toys, Foshan for furniture. Runyin will do full supplier research and provide supplier relationship management according to your sourcing requests. Our vast supplier network and on-ground sourcing experience help to find the best-matched supplier for you.

When you are working with a new supplier, you don’t know if they are a real manufacturer or not, will they fulfill their commitments or not, or if can they be trusted. You may spend lots of time experimenting with different suppliers. Runyin will help you to audit suppliers from the start to avoid these kinds of issues.

We monitor the supplier’s performance continuously with each order and delivery. We filter and remove bad suppliers from our network replacing them with new high-quality suppliers to make sure that we deliver high standards and high performance to our partners.

Runyin supply chain includes core manufacturers from most of the industries. We keep on developing our relationships with these manufacturers to make sure we get the most competitive price and they are more willing to cooperate with Runyin, by providing small MOQs, favorable pricing, quality samples, priority production, faster delivery to help our partners to be more competitive.

We can help you to make multiple payments to different suppliers on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about it. You can provide us the complete payment by a single transfer which is convenient and low cost.


We know how to

assist to scale

Simply put, we do it all! We partner with small to medium sized businesses as well as large corporations to help clients transform their concepts into high-quality products. We source, audit, inspect, acquire, negotiate, consolidate, manufacture, ship, and do so much more.  Work with the best sourcing agent in China to scale your business and grow your revenue. Find better pricing, faster lead times, exceptional product quality, and total satisfaction.

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